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Release Update - 30 Jul 2018
Release Update - 30 Jul 2018
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Bug Fixes

  • We've updated the fields uploaded as unprocessed billing rows to match the billing data uploads. This has caused errors in validation when uploading data containing the field Cost excluding tax.

  • We experienced some issues in ingesting data where the same process was running twice simultaneously, causing an error. We have fixed the way we manage these so we can handle running the same process twice in a row.



  • We have included Labels in the Range Value exports.

  • The corresponding Emission Factors for each activity are now included in the GPC Report. The Emission Factors file are now just showing emission factors relevant for the year exported.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed the way we calculate rate-on-rate intensities with 0 values in the denominator to be consistent with how other types of intensities with 0 denominator are calculated. Zero values in the denominator are excluded from the intensity calculation.

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