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Navigating maps
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Maps are a key tool in Kinesis — from managing locations, building scenarios, to visualising data. Here's how you can navigate around maps.


Interacting with maps

Zoom — change the scale of the map

  • Scroll using your mouse

  • Pinch using your trackpad or touchscreen

  • Double click using your mouse or trackpad to zoom in

Pan/Drag — moving the map while keeping it at the same scale

  • Click and hold your mouse or trackpad, then drag the map by moving your mouse or finger

  • For touchscreen devices, use one finger to move the map

Tilt or rotate — change the view angle or orientation of the map

  • Hold down Control/command on your keyboard, click and hold your mouse or trackpad, then tilt or rotate by moving your mouse or finger

Select — select items on the map like locations or data points

  • Click on the item to select it

Navigating to an area on the map

Here are some suggested steps to take when you want to navigate to a certain area on the map, for example to add a new location or change what's visible.

  • Zoom out until you recognise where you are

  • Pan the map until the desired area is in the centre

  • Zoom in or out to the desired scale

Searching for a specific location

To search and select for a specific location, you can use Search on the map controls.


To search for locations based on their attributes, you can use Filter on the map controls.

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