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How do I add new stakeholders?
How do I add new stakeholders?

Adding, editing, and deleting partnership stakeholders for sustainability initiatives

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When adding new sustainability initiatives, you are asked to provide the Partnership Type and Stakeholder:

To update this dropdown list, from the side menu, go to Management > Data > Stakeholders.

Adding New Stakeholders

To add new stakeholders, click the + New Stakeholder button.

Enter the Name and Partnership Type, and hit Save.

Updating Existing Stakeholders

To update an existing stakeholder, go through the list of Stakeholders and look for the stakeholder you want to edit. You can also use the search bar for quicker searching. Then click the Edit icon.

Update the information and click Save.

Deleting Stakeholders

To delete a stakeholder, click the Delete icon for that stakeholder.

A warning will pop up to ask you for confirmation:

Note: When you delete a stakeholder, all users will not be able to select that stakeholder when adding new sustainability initiatives, regardless of the asset or the focus group.

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