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How can I estimate NABERS ratings?

Setting up and estimating NABERS ratings using the Integrated NABERS Estimator

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Kinesis is an accredited member of the NABERS Equipped program. This means that Kinesis has access to the official NABERS estimation algorithm that allows Integrated to provide a high-level estimation of a NABERS rating based on available data in the tool. This can be used to:

  • Inform Asset Managers if they are close to achieving the next rating bracket

  • Inform Asset Managers if they are at risk of being downgraded to a lower rating bracket

  • Inform Sustainability Managers and Portfolio Managers of their NABERS Portfolio score

Using the NABERS Estimator in the tool involves 3 distinct parts - inputting existing accredited NABERS ratings, enabling the functionality, and generating the NABERS report.

Input Existing Accredited NABERS Ratings

From the Asset Dashboard, select the appropriate asset, go to the Details tab, and click + on the Metrics section. Select the Metric Type from the dropdown, input the amount, start & end dates, and hit Save.

The tool can house the following ratings:

  • Office - Base Building Energy (with and without green power)

  • Office - Whole Building Energy (with and without green power)

  • Office - Tenancy Energy (with and without green power)

  • Office - Water

  • Office - Base Building Indoor Environment

  • Shopping Centre - Energy

  • Shopping Centre - Water

Enable Estimated NABERS Rating Functionality

Estimated NABERS Ratings are shown on the asset Summary page alongside the accredited ratings. 

To enable the NABERS Rating Estimation functionality, certain requirements need to be met for each type of rating. These requirements are also controlled in the Metricssection. Integrated currently provides estimates for the following ratings:

All estimated ratings are rounded to the nearest 0.5 to align with the rating system. 

Generate the NABERS Report

Integrated now includes a dedicated NABERS Report that summarises all accredited and estimated NABERS ratings across the portfolio. This can be accessed in the Reports section of the tool.  

In addition to providing the accredited and estimated rating for each asset, this report will also provide the Portfolio Average. This is calculated according to the approved methodology by OEH.

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