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How do I 'flag' an event on an asset?
How do I 'flag' an event on an asset?

Simple way to flag an event on a consumption report

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CCAP Integrated includes a simple and flexible functionality to flag events at the asset level on the Consumption Report. This can be used to:

  • Track the impact of projects or interventions

  • Log any malfunctions or leaks

  • Track the impact of new tenants or new building infrastructure

Adding Asset Events

Events are added in the Details tab on the Asset Dashboard by clicking the + on Asset Events

Events can be classified under "all" or against a specific Resource Category. Users must add the date and details of the event. 

Displaying Asset Events on the Consumption Report

The events will be displayed on the Consumption Report when the Show Eventscheckbox under Options is selected.

These are displayed as flags on the bottom axis aligned to the appropriate date range: 

A few guidelines apply to the use of event flags:

  • Will only appear on line charts

  • Will only appear if the asset (and resource type) is selected

  • All assets with events will be listed in order on the flag

Note: Only Owner/Admin users are able to flag events.

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