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Release Update - 28 Nov 2018
Release Update - 28 Nov 2018
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New Features


  • For billing data uploads, we've added some validations around checking the resource type provided against the meter information currently in the tool.

  • If you're reprocessing Unprocessed Billing Data that you didn't upload yourself, you will now receive the status confirmation of the reprocessing.

  • For PDF exports by group, we're now displaying asset events/flags on the main chart only, and not the charts with individual groups.

  • Raw data exports from the Bill Explorer can now be filtered by the meter code.

Bug Fixes

  • We've experienced some issues with inconsistent units in our Live Meter dashboards. All interval data are now converted to kWh for electricity, MJ for gas, and L for water.

  • We've fixed a bug in the Consumption Report to correctly display billing data for meters not in operational control.

  • We've changed the way we calculate emission factors for the NCOS Report to ensure the accuracy of the report. We now calculate it from the activity data and total emissions reported instead of calculating it from the raw factors stored in-tool.



  • We've improved the way we display non-rate or point-in-time data in Explore. When there are both actual and estimated data for the same period, the values are averaged instead of summed, and marked as estimated. 

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