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2024-01 Try the improved Kinesis login experience
2024-01 Try the improved Kinesis login experience

Release update 31 January 2024

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Kinesis is trialling an improved login experience. Users of CCAP City and CCAP Integrated will see a banner on their usual CCAP login page to try this new login flow.

Here's what's changing:

A single login for all Kinesis products

Currently, there are separate login pages depending on what Kinesis product you're using and which organisation you belong to. This can be confusing particularly for users who use multiple products or who are members of multiple organisations.

We now have a single login page for all users. Just enter your email address, log in, and you will land on the right product.

Set product defaults

Organisation admins can select the product you want to launch when members log in using Product defaults in Settings,

But users can also set your personal product defaults if you prefer.

Manage multiple organisations

You can also now see all of the organisations you're a member of in Settings. We have had several issues where organisation admins couldn't successfully invite new members when they have existing memberships. This is now possible without having to worry about their other memberships or expired invitations.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback. Or if you have questions, you can reach us via email at

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