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How can I upload billing data to Integrated in bulk?
How can I upload billing data to Integrated in bulk?

Uploading bulk CSV billing data to CCAP Integrated and tips for avoiding validation errors

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Aside from the functionality to manually upload and edit single bills in the Bill Explorer, CCAP Integrated also supports bulk uploads of data from a CSV file.

Begin by navigating to the Uploads section, and then clicking Upload Data on the top right of the page.ย 

Choose Billing as your upload type. The page will detail the required and optional fields you may have in your CSV file. A template is also available at the bottom of this list.

Once you have filled out the CSV file with the desired fields, drag and drop (or choose) the file to the Data CSV field at the bottom of the page. You may also upload the raw data in the Source File field. The source file may be in any format (including PDF, Excel File, Zip File, etc) and is stored with the data for easy data checking.

Once you return to the Uploads page, you should see that your the Status of your file is Importing. Depending on the size of the file, it may take a while to validate and upload. Either refresh the page or check your email. If the status changes to Importedyou are done, but if the file says Invalid you will need to edit your file and try again. You can see your validation errors in your email, or by clicking on the file in the list.

Some tips for avoiding validation errors

  • Ensure that you have no overlapping periods in your data. In some cases, retailers end a period and begin the next period on the same day. CCAP considers this as an overlap, and current procedure is to increment all start dates by one day.

  • You may not upload data before the commission date or after the decommission date of a meter. Either delete the offending period, or proportion it to fit the active period of the meter.

  • Data cannot be uploaded into the Archive Range of an organisation, a period for which all data is frozen. If you understand the impact uploading data into the Archive Range will have on your organisation and previous reporting and still would like to upload the data, please send us a message via Intercom (chat box on the lower right corner) and we will temporarily unfreeze the data.

  • Excel can sometimes add extra columns and rows to CSV files which are cannot be seen in Excel (but can be seen if you open your CSV using a program like Notebook/Notepad). To remove these extras, either copy and paste ONLY the required section of a file to a new worksheet before saving, or delete all "empty" columns and rows.

If your file still fails validation feel free to shoot us a message via Intercom and we will troubleshoot for you.

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