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How do I save and share consumption reports?
How do I save and share consumption reports?

Viewing, saving, and sharing consumption reports

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Users can save and share reports within the Reports section in the Consumption Report functionality. This allows users to:

  • Select all the criteria only once and return to the same report on a regular basis to see performance with updated data, saving time and maintaining consistency. 

  • Share report with specific key stakeholders via a URL link.

  • Share generic org level reports with the whole team. 

Viewing Saved Reports

All saved reports can be viewed in the Reports tab in the Consumption Report. You can toggle between your Private Saved Reports and Shared Saved Reports (all team members can see these reports). 

Saving Reports

Reports can be saved via the Save Report button at the bottom of the Explore tab. The following must be set:

  • Name of Report - how the report will appear in the Reports tab

  • Report Title - the title that will appear at the top of the chart

  • Share with Other Users - if this is checked, the report will be appear in the Reports tab for all organisation users

Modifying Saved Reports

Once a report has been saved, it cannot be changed. If you would like to modify a saved report, load the report and click the Explore tab to change and save a new report. Once done, delete the old report by clicking the three dots on the right hand side of the sidebar, followed by the bin icon.

Sharing Reports

Reports can be shared either by copying the link at the top of the page or by making a report as 'Shared' so that it appears on the Reports page.

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