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Where can I see saved reports?

Navigating the saved Reports List under Consumption Reports

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Reports can be saved and shared with the different users of the CCAP Integrated tool. To view all saved reports, navigate to Reports > Consumption and go to the Reports tab. Below is an example of what you might see, depending on the reports that have already been saved in your tool:

By default, the Reports List shows you Shared Saved Reports, or reports that are available for viewing to all users of the tool. To view the reports that you have saved and set to private, click the Private Saved Reports icon:

Visualising and interrogating a Saved Report

A saved report can be visualised by simply clicking on the report listing. To interrogate the report further you can go to the Explore section and use the filter or grouping options to refine the report.

Using Search

You may search for specific reports by typing the report name on the search bar at the top of the list.

Deleting Saved Reports

Click on the vertical ellipsis button and then the bin icon to delete the saved report. 

Note: Deleting a Shared Saved Report will also delete it from other users’ saved reports.

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