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Where can I view raw billing data?
Where can I view raw billing data?

Viewing raw billing data using the Bill Explorer or Request Export

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There are two ways to view raw billing data in CCAP Integrated. The first is via the Bill Explorer, and the second is via the Request Export function.

Viewing Raw Billing Data in Bill Explorer

Using Bill Explorer to view raw billing data is best used when you want to view the data for a specific meter or asset. To do this, start by going to the Bill Explorer and selecting the appropriate filters.

  • Period - select a month, and the completeness report will display data from 12 months up to the selected month

  • Resource Types - you may select multiple resource types, however, they should all be in the same Resource Category (e.g. electricity and green power, but not electricity and water)

  • Assets - select at least one asset

Go to the Raw Data tab. There will be additional filter options on the Filters pane to limit your view. You may also use the search bar to search for a specific meter code. Data that's been estimated or projected is also highlighted to distinguish them from actual data.

Once you're happy with the filtered data, you may export it into a CSV by clicking the Save CSV button.

Exporting Raw Billing Data

Using the Request Export function for exporting raw billing data is useful when you need to do further manipulation outside of the tool. This also gives you a view of how the data was uploaded. To do this, go to Management > Data, and click Request Export.

Select Billing Data - Raw as uploaded as the data type, select the financial year, and click Request Export.

You will receive an email containing the export link, or you may go to the Document Store and download the file.

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