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How Do I Manage Users?

Adding and Editing Users with Identity.

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Settings allows organisation administrators to manage user credentials. 

How to Access Settings

Navigate to the app switcher by clicking the down arrow to the right of the CCAP Integrated or CCAP City logo in the sidebar. From the selection click Settings. Or go to

Once in the Settings page, select Members under your organisation. You will be presented with a list of your organisations users.

Adding New Users

Next to the search bar at the top, click Invite members.

A dialog will appear where you can enter the new user's email address and choose their level of access. From there, click the users you want to invite and select Invite members.

Once you submit the user's details, they will receive an email inviting them to the platform. The email contains a link where they can confirm their details and set their password.

Managing invitations

Pending invitations will appear at the top of the list. By clicking the drop-down menu you can resend and cancel invitations.

Managing memberships

To manage a user, find them in the list of by searching for their name or email address. Select the drop-down arrow icon (same as above) and you can edit or remove their membership.

You can change a user's roles after they have accepted your invitation. For more information about user roles, as well as how to change roles, please see:

Asset Managers on Integrated

CCAP Integrated users can be assigned as an Asset Manager responsible for one or many assets. That process is explained here.

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