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Editing Meter Information in Bulk
Editing Meter Information in Bulk

Updating retailer information, decommissioning meters, and adding operational control off periods for multiple meters

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To edit meter information in bulk, go to Management > Data > Meters, select the meters that you wish to edit, and click Edit:

Updating Retailer Information

To update the retailer or add retailer information to multiple meters, select Retailer Information as the update field, input your changes, and click Save.

When adding retailer information, you may choose to 

  • Prepend the new information to existing retailer information,

  • Append the new information to existing retailer information, or

  • Overwrite the existing retailer information with the new one.

Decommissioning Meters

To set a commission or decommission date select Commission Dates as the update field.

Adding Operational Control Off Periods

You may also add one operational control off period at a time for multiple meters. Note that you can not add periods that overlap with existing ones. To view the existing operational control off periods of a meter, check here.

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