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Estimating refrigerant emissions
Estimating refrigerant emissions

Update your equipment list to estimate refrigerant leakage and emissions

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For organisations that have refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, CCAP Integrated can estimate the emissions from refrigerant leakages using default rates.

To list your refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, go to Management > Data > Equipment

You will need to fill in the Name, Capacity (in litres), the Asset the refrigerant is associated with, Resource Category (Refrigerants), Resource Type and the Start Date.

To estimate emissions, please let us know via or in-app chat and so we can trigger the estimation for refrigerants.

You can access results in consumption reports. You will be able to filter by refrigerant type to view refrigerants for a selected asset.

If you need more information on how refrigerants are calculated please contact us via or in-app chat.

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