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Sustainability Initiatives Introduction and Set Up
Sustainability Initiatives Introduction and Set Up

Planning and set-up

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Sustainability initiatives can be used to monitor programs and initiatives, record the outcomes, and measure the progress of attributes such as budget or energy reduction.

The Focus would be the general category e.g. Carbon.
The Initiative Type would be the program type e.g. Environmental Program.
The Initiative is the program which falls in this category e.g. Solar PV.

Set up Focus types. Navigate to Management > Data > Focus Area > New Focus Area. The order is the order they will appear in the drop down.

Set up Initiative Types. Navigate to Management > Data > Initiative Type > New Initiative Type.

Set up Initiatives. Navigate to Management > Data > Initiatives > New Initiative.

Set up the New Sustainability Plan Initiative Filter. This sets the layout for adding a new initiative. For example if the focus area is Carbon and you have not added Solar PV to the filter you will be unable to select it under initiative type.

Set up Sustainability Measurement Categories and Units. You will need to contact support for these to be set up. This is the information you would need to fill in, the section can either be plan or report. (Please see here for information about reports and plans).

This is the information you would need to fill in for the units. The symbol can be anything you want and can either be before or after the number.

Set up Partnership Types. These can be used to show where the stakeholders come from.

Set up Stakeholders. These are the stakeholders.

Set up Statuses. These show the progress of the initiatives.

This is an example of what the layout could look like for adding a New Initiative. 

For information on Creating a New Initiative click here.
For information on Generating Visual Reports click here.

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