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Creating a plan using Net-zero Pathways
Creating a plan using Net-zero Pathways

This help note outlines a simple 3 step process to use the Net-Zero Pathways app to create a Net Zero Plan.

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Step 1 – Project your community emissions

First, select your location. The pathways app allows you to either select a Local Government Area (LGA) or suburb.

As soon as you select your location you will instantly see results appear on the right hand side. The app has projected the emissions of that location from 2020 out to 2050. This initial projection is based on a series of assumptions listed in the listed in the left hand panel. More information about these starting inputs can be found in this help article

Based on this starting point, make note of your projected community greenhouse gas emissions under the current, intermediate and aggressive policy contexts. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Have you exceeded your carbon budget?

  • What is your community emission projection under different policy contexts?

  • Which intervention areas have the biggest impact?

Step 2 – Adjust your decarbonisation pathway

Now that you understand your projected community emissions out to 2050, you can iterate on the model inputs to adjust your decarbonisation pathway and develop your own net zero plan.

Review your input panel on the left. You can adjust these inputs and see the impact it will have your decarbonisation pathway.

Some questions you can ask yourself as you start to change some of these inputs are:

  • What are our current Council policies, programs or targets? Should the inputs be adjusted to reflect these? For example, do the waste inputs reflect your Council waste policies? Do the transport inputs reflect your Council Transport Plan or Strategy?

  • What areas of decarbonisation do you want to focus on? Do we want to make any adjustments to these inputs? Will you need to discuss with other teams across your Council?

You can make as many adjustments as you want and save your scenarios as you go to compare later. To do this, simple pathway to a workspace

Step 3 – Finalise your net zero pathway

Once you have created a few scenarios, review your results. Some questions that will help you review your results are:

  • Do you get to net zero?

  • What’s the gap? How do we fill that gap?

  • Does the pathway align with your community targets or what needs to happen to reach our targets?

  • Can we push anything further to speed up your community’s decarbonisation and work within a 1.5 degree carbon budget?

Finally, you can either export your decarbonisation plan results or save them in workspaces.

Exporting your results gives you the data you need to publish your plan, including year on year results and a waterfall chart

For more information on how to save, export and share your results please visit this help guide:

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