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Estimating billing data
Estimating billing data

Answering your questions on CCAP Integrated's estimation and projected data

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Estimated data can be added to the tool in two ways:

  • Billing data may be flagged as Estimated in either a CSV bulk upload or in the Bill Explorer when adding a single bill.

  • CCAP may fill in data gaps of up to one year (including projected and retrojected data) via its estimation methodology.

Please note that CCAP Integrated considers all data that comes directly from retailers as Actual data, regardless of whether the retailer classifies them as Actual or Estimated data.

Estimated vs Projected Data

  • Estimated - fills gaps where there is real data existing less than a year before and after the gap

  • Projected - refers to gaps up to 12 months after the latest data available or up to 12 months before the earliest available data for a given meter 

CCAP's estimation calculation will simultaneously calculate estimated and projected data and cannot be made to exclude one. Estimation methodologies have been designed for electricity (including green power, trigen, solar, and exported solar), gas, and water as consumption for these resource types are fairly consistent and invariable. Estimations are not available for other resource types. If you need more information on how an estimate is calculated, let us know via or in-app chat and we'll send it.

The estimation process will automatically overwrite any current estimates or projections unless they are marked as Overridden or Locked in the tool. An upload of new data will always overwrite existing estimates unless they are locked.

CCAP's estimation process must be manually kicked off by a Kinesis user. If you need estimations recalculated, please get in touch via Intercom.

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