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How do I generate an NGER Report?

Using the one-click regulatory reporting functionality of CCAP Integrated

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CCAP Integrated provides a one-click reporting functionality in a format that mirrors the inputs required in the EERS tool and provides a CSV output that can be directly submitted for NGER reporting.

To run the automated report, go to Reports > NGERS, select the NGER Entity and reporting year:

Note: Only assets assigned to an NGER Entity are used in the report. Make sure to assign all assets into a NGER Entity for it to be included. You may do this by editing asset details, under the Reporting tab.

The report will be displayed on the page. Click Save CSV for submission.


  • The report excludes assets not under operational control.

  • Incidental emissions are calculated as 0.5% of electricity emissions for commercial and corporate properties.

  • Refrigerant leakage 9.0% is shown as an aggregate volume in tonnes. Refrigerant leakage emissions are calculated from the stored volume of each individual gas type.

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