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How do I answer surveys?

Completing surveys for your assets

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To start answering surveys, go to Assets and pick the asset you want to fill out the survey for. Then, go to the Surveys tab.

Starting New Surveys

To start a new survey, go to the tile of the survey you want to answer and click the Start New Survey button

The survey form will look something like this:

After completing the form, you can Save the form and update it later, or Submit for Approval.

Completing Previously Saved Surveys

If you've started answering a survey previously and want to continue answering it, just select the form from the View Previous Answers dropdown.

Once done, click Submit for Approval at the bottom of the window.

Amending Submitted Surveys

If you want to amend surveys that you've already submitted, you can do so as long as it has not been approved. To do this, select the form and click Amend. This will withdraw your submission and you'll have to re-submit it for approval.

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