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How can I compare multiple live metering data types?
How can I compare multiple live metering data types?

Comparing multiple data types using dual axes when exploring live meters

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To compare two live metering data types in a single chart, select your asset and go to the Live Metering tab. From the Filters pane, select your Data Type and click/enable Secondary Axis.

Once you enable the Secondary Axis, the Secondary Data Type dropdown will appear. Select your secondary data type, and complete the other fields in Filters. At the bottom of the pane, you will see a list of all the meters available for the data types you have selected. Once you have completed all fields, click Generate.

Tip: If you have a long list of meters, click the ^ button on the upper right hand of the pane to collapse the Filters section.

The primary axis can be found on the left side of the chart, and the secondary axis on the right.

By default, both data types will be displayed as line charts. Depending on the data type selected, the available chart types will be shown below the data type dropdown on the Filters pane.

Don't see the data type you're looking for? Shoot us a message on Intercom and we'll be happy to walk you through how to set up live metering.

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