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How can I get alerted when my live meter stops receiving data?
How can I get alerted when my live meter stops receiving data?

Configure new alerts for live meters – No data

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Sometimes, live meters are not able to receive any data from the retailer, possibly due to a change in configuration. It is recommended that you set up alerts for when a live meter has not recorded any data for a particular period of time, to allow you to quickly act to get the meter receiving data again.

First steps

Before you can configure no data live meter alerts, you will need to assign at least one asset manager to the live meter's asset. When the alert is triggered, the asset managers will be notified by email.

Configure a live meter alert

  1. From the Assets section, select the desired asset and switch to the Live Metering tab

2. At the bottom of the Live Metering menu, click Configure

3. To create a new alert, select the appropriate Resource Type, click on the desired Live Meter, and click + New Alert

4. To set up an alert for when the live meter has not recorded data for a certain period, select Alert Type: No data, select an appropriate period, and then hit Save Alert

5. Once saved, you may Edit or Delete alerts by clicking on the buttons to the right


Live meter alerts are checked automatically every day. We will notify any asset managers assigned to the asset whenever the meter alert is triggered. This means that multiple alerts may be generated every day until the meter starts receiving data again.

Next Steps

Congratulations, you've now configured a no data alert! You can also configure alerts based on consumption, such as:

  • when my solar array hasn't generated the equivalent energy of a cloudy winter's day

  • when my electricity consumption during the night exceeds a certain threshold

To find out how to configure threshold and time-window threshold alerts, read
How can I better monitor the consumption of my live meters?

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