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Where can I view asset details?
Where can I view asset details?

Navigating the Asset Details page

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The Assets Dashboard provides everything you need to know about an asset, and contains the following sections:

  • Summary - a snapshot of your KPIs and environmental performance

  • Details - view and manage asset details

  • Live Metering - explore live meter data and configure alerts

  • Surveys - view surveys conducted for your asset

  • Sustainability - add, manage and track sustainability initiatives

  • Documents - store and download documents for a particular asset

Asset Details

To view the details of an asset, go to the Assets Dashboard, select the asset you want to view, and go to the Details tab.

The Details tab contains all asset background data and allows administration users to edit and delete details.  Many of these asset details are critical to the automation of reports and are ideally verified by a relevant Facility or Project Manager. The different data sections are:

  • Details - general details about the asset like address, type, branch, etc.

  • Manager - list of asset managers of the asset

  • Ownership - notable dates on asset's ownership

  • Operational Control - manage operational control off periods, when your organisation did not have control over policies for the asset. The consumption and GHG emissions from these periods will be excluded from CCAP reports.

  • Description

  • Target Intensities - add and manage target intensities for different resource types

  • Metrics - add and manage different metrics

  • Asset Events - flag events to be displayed on consumption reports

  • KPIs - list of available KPIs with toggle switches to display or hide from the summary page

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