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How do I update meter information?
How do I update meter information?

Adding, deleting, or decommissioning meters, as well as adding retailer information

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Navigate to Management > Data > Meters to view the meter list.

Adding a New Meter

To add a new meter, click the + New Meter button in the top right corner of the page. Fill in the required information, and hit Save.

The Name field controls how the meter is displayed in the tool; you may use the same name as the code, or opt for something more descriptive. The Code field should be the NMI (electricity), DPI/MIRN (gas) or Account (water) number if possible. 

If the associated asset has a commissioned date, the meter requires a Commission Date on or after the asset's commission date. Similarly, if the asset has a decommissioned date, the meter requires a Decommission Date on or before the asset's decommission date.

Deleting a Meter

Search for the meter you want to delete from the meters list, and click on the Bin icon on the far right of the row.

Note: Deleting a meter will also delete all associated data, so please delete with care!

Updating Meter Information

Search for the meter you want to update from the meters list, and click on the Editicon on the far right of the row. 

This is will allow you to:

  • decommission a meter - the meter will no longer receive estimates and will not affect your completeness. Decommission a meter if it is replaced, or no longer needs to be tracked. The decommission date must be after all existing data (including estimates) so you may need to delete data in the bill explorer before decommissioning.

  • add Retailer - if a meter does not have an associated retailer, Kinesis will not request data for it. If your desired retailer does not appear in the dropdown, please send us a message via intercom and we will add it.

  • add Retailer Information - store any additional information relevant to data requests here; such as account numbers or service address or the names of past retailers for historic data.

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